Saturday, December 5, 2009

My 5 All Time Favorie Actresses and 5 Least Favorite

Being inspired by this post by Lolita Haze who was inspired by this post by Amy Jean...I am now compiling my own list. This is not something I really had to give much thought to as being such a classic film fan for my entire life; I have thought about this many times before.

My all time LEAST favorite actress is Katherine Hepburn.
Granted, I loved watching Bringing Up Baby when I was little but I think it was mainly due to the big cat. I can tolerate her in Alice Adams, posibly because she is very young and not totally obnoxious. And I love Desk Set simply because it is a cool office movie. Anything else, you can have her!

Joan Crawford~ Apologies in advance to my husband who likes her.
I can tolerate her in Grand Hotel. In Mildred Pierce I totally forget that I don't like her. Love the movie and love her in it. She truly does a great job in that. But that is where it ends for me.

Marlene Dietrich
I have no desire to see anything she has done.

Greta Garbo
Like Joan, I put up with her in Grand Hotel but that's it.

Rita Hayworth
I love her hair but I don't care for her face or her films. I have tried to like her, honestly I have but I just don't.

Now on to my favorites! These are in no particular order since these ladies all hold special places in my heart.

Jeanette MacDonald

A beautiful lady with a beautiful voice. Her films with Nelson Eddy are my favorites.

Deanna Durbin
She's charming when she is a child and is a beauty when she gets older. Another beautiful singer!

Ann Sothern
I have always felt Ann was a totally under rated actress. From her Maisie movies to her TV career in Private Secretary and The Ann Sothern Show, she has charm and wit that is unbeatable!

Ginger Rogers
What can I say about this lady that has not already been said? She is wonderful in all her films with Fred Astair but I think she truly shines in the films where she is not required to put on her dancing shoes. My favorites are The Major and The Minor, Once Upon A Honeymoon, and Kitty Foyle.

Teresa Wright
It's easy to tell Teresa was a stage actress at a young age. Not as glamorous as others but totally charming. My favorite films of her's include The Best Years Of Our Lives, Shadow of A Doubt, and The Little Foxes.

I could most likely keep going beyond five in this category as there are other ladies I adore, but these are on the top where they will always remain.


  1. I'm a huge Deanna Durbin fan and run a tribute website filled with photos and rare video footage about her career. Please take a look when you get the chance.

  2. It's wonderful that you at least tried to like Rita Hayworth. She has the warmth that the actresses on your "like" list share. But she was used so totally differently than Durbin, or McDonald. Or even Rodgers. Perhaps you don't have an affinity with femme fatales. You prefer the all-american girl/woman next door. How refreshing! The closest I get to that is Betty Grable. I enjoy Rodgers, but she had no where near the depth of Garbo, Hayworth, Hepburn, or Crawford.

  3. Thank you for the link Texasoperastar! I will definitely be following it.

    Thank you for your comments Alex! I think that is what is so interesting about these post that I an the other ladies have made, is that we get to see that we all have much different opinions. It's interesting to see the ideas we have in common as well as those that are complete opposites. I think Ginger Rogers had quite a bit of depth, especially in her Academy Award winning performance in Kitty Foyle.

  4. Oh yay! I loved seeing this poist of yours!! Other than Gingey, I haven't seen any movies with your likes in them. Also I agree with 4 of your least 5! Rita to me is just gorgeous!

  5. Thanks Lolita! You should definitely check out Ann Sothern's Maisie movie series if you like wacky comedy. Ann was a close friend of Lucille Ball and they have a similar style.