Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A BEAUTYful Giveaway!

Check out this stunning giveaway that Brittany of Va-Voom Vintage is holding. I am a brand new follower of hers, and if you haven't checked her out before now is a great time!

Monday, March 22, 2010

My First Blog Award!

The lovey miss Ginger has passed on the Sugar Doll Award to me!

Thinking of five random things that you don't know about me has been a bit of a challenge but here goes!

1.My all time favorite band is Depeche Mode. Those boys from Basildon are about the biggest thing to me aside from vintage. My hubby, son and I finally got to see them in concert this last summer. What a thrill!

2. My favorite junk food is Lays Salt and Vinegar potato chips. This is not a good thing for someone who has to watch her weight. It is a good thing that the local stores don't always stock them!

3. My husband, who I have been married to for nearly 13 years, and I met online. Way back in the early days of the internet, we met in an AOL chat room. He lived in Arkansas and I in Pennsylvania. One summer he came to visit me and the rest is history.

4. I have not been in Wal-mart in 6 months. Since I read an article from Time magazine about them making it their goal to put their competition out of business and after watching the documentary Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price, I have avoided them as much as possible. It feels really good too.

5. I was an only child until 14. I have three brothers and a sister who is almost 16.

I will now pass this award on to some of my favorite ladies. (Hopefully they haven't already received it and I missed it!)
Miss Mary Deluxe
Wearing History

Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Item Teaser!

I've been asked for these, and I have been promising.....and no it isn't a snood!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stay Tuned!

If you are one of my Facebook fans you may have read that when I have sold 100 of the 1940's style snoods I am going to do a giveaway package. I am now with in six snoods of that goal!
What will the giveaway be for and how can you enter? Well you will have to stay tuned to find out! I will say this...there are three items in the package so far and I am still thinking of ideas!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Family Finds

My Mom came across these wonderful photo's the other day and scanned them for me. These would have been taken in the early 1950's. Maybe about '52 or '53. These were taken in front of my Great-grandmother's home on Schenectady Ave. in Brooklyn that you see in the background on the left. The first picture is my Grandparent's Ethel and Frank. Isn't that Pontiac wonderful? I would love to have that today!

The second picture shows my Aunt Ethel, Uncle Frank, and the little girl is my Mom.