Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Day At My Favorite Antique Malls

I didn't get much sleep on Tuesday night. My son wasn't feeling well so ended up spending half the night in our bed. Then the next morning the City was replacing the fire hydrant on my corner. So combine lack of sleep, construction noise, and no water and I knew I just had to get out of the house!

I hadn't been to my favorite antique malls since October of last year so I was due for a fix. Before venturing out I made my self promise I wouldn't go crazy and that I would make a definite effort to look for the things I actually needed, like a Hey Wake coffee table, vanity bench, and other furniture type "needs".

My first stop was Remember When Antique Mall. This shop was taken over by new owners this year and they did a bit of remodeling allowing for more vendors.I have gotten lots of treasures there over the years including my Heywood Wakefield end table, mid-century floor lamp and many dolls.

The first thing I spied that I was ready to buy right then and there, was a small early 30's suitcase with a beautiful black deco vanity set in the lid. It was complete except for one item, but still had the mirror, brush, comb, two bottles, tooth brush case(with gross old brush I might add!)nail file and more. The only draw back was that the case itself was in really bad shape, and the latches were quite rusted. Since I knew it was something I would most likely not use, it would be too heavy to ship if I put it in my shop, and I would just end up tripping over it in my bedroom I decided to be practical and save my money for something more serviceable. However, if I ever go back and it's still there and on sale, maybe I will cave!

I saw a vintage metal outdoor lounge chair which is on my wish list but it was a bit pricey and would never fit in my little car so that was out. Maybe someday I'll find one for less at an estate sale.

There was a vanity bench I had looked at before and it was still there but I was just not thrilled about it, so I passed on it again. I ended up leaving there empty handed but I still had another shop to check out.

My next stop was Treasures At Century Plaza. One of the finds I have gotten there in the past is a vintage 50's pink and gray office chair that I use as my sewing chair. It is the most wonderful chair in the world! I also have gotten a lady lamp that was all original with silk shade and Bakelite finial. I have it in my living room.

This place was a treasure trove of wonderfully priced furniture yesterday. Lots of dressers and vanity tables for very nice prices. Those were not on my list, though.
The first must have I came across was this 1930's Hollywood Joan Blondell pattern. It's a bit small for me but I am hoping I can size it with out too much difficulty.

Toward the back I found another vanity bench, just like the one in the other shop but priced less. It wiggled quite a bit when I sat on it. I was also unsure about the hight. These benches seem more suited to the lower style vanity's with the large mirrors. Mine is closer to desk hight and is kidney bean shaped. It belonged to my Grandmother and I am planning on making a skirt for it.
In another booth I saw a table similar to mine and in front of it was a vanity chair unlike any I had seen before.

It was priced separately from the table since the didn't match but it was the right hight. It is really strong, doesn't wobble and aside from a tiny piece of missing veiner, I will only have to recover the cushion. I am so glad that I held out and didn't settle for just any bench. This one is perfect!

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