Sunday, April 15, 2012

Introducing The Vintage Bunny!

I am pleased to announce the arrival of a new style snood  called  The Vintage Bunny!  Made from the same pattern as the traditional 1940s style snood, this model is made from a lovely mohair and silk blend yarn.
It is very soft and light as a feather!

The mohair creates a fuzzy halo for your hair! 

 It is accented by a small matching grosgrain ribbon which is removable. It is available as shown in white and sky blue. I also have yarn to make it in turquoise and baby pink. The Vintage Bunny will add  that extra bit of fun to your snood wardrobe! Thank you to Lolita Haze for modeling it for me!


  1. Gorgeous! I love mohair! Let me think on a color... :)

  2. These have become my favourite snoods!!!

  3. How sweetly pretty! I love the idea of swaddling one's hair in a cocoon of soft, cozy mohair.

    Wishing you a beautiful Friday,

  4. I have to have one in every color.Love how soft it looks.xx