Thursday, March 20, 2014

Do You Love Vinyl?

When I was very little one of my favorite things to do was listen to my Grandmother's record collection. We didn't have a cassette player yet then and the local AM  radio was on a lot during the day playing oldies.
In the evenings after dinner my Gran would set aside some time to play with me. I loved to play dress up with old vintage dresses that had been hers, or her sisters, play records and dance around the living room. One of my very favorite albums was  "Arthur Murray's Music For Dancing" I loved the photo on the jacket of Arthur Murray dancing with his wife. I loved her champagne colored dress. I loved that the back showed you the dance steps. And I loved the music!

Other favorite albums of mine were, "The King And I"  and  "The Sound of Music" soundtracks. I remember dancing around to the later when I was only three and we still lived in Brooklyn. From Liberace to Nat King Cole, there wasn't much I didn't like. I think because I have these great memories associated with vinyl, that it is still something I love to this day. I am the proud owner of all my Gran's records now along with some that had been my Aunt's and numerous albums that I have purchased myself.

Occasionally I will find a record or two at local antique malls or flea markets. My very favorite place to find records is from our yearly local library sale! They always have a lot of records that people have donated or that have come from other area libraries and are priced around fifty cents. Then a week or so after the sale you can buy what's left by the bag! The first year I found them there, I came home with several original Frank Sinatra Capitol records. They are some of my favorites. The next sale is coming up in May and I can't wait!

Another aspect of albums I am intrigued by is the sleeve artwork. Sometimes I will buy an album just because I love the jacket. It's a bonus when it sounds great too!

My Grandmother's stereo set was a mid century Sony. Unfortunately I don't have it. I play my records on a reproduction Crosley from Target that also play's cassettes and CD's. It's been a very good purchase and I've had it a number of years now.

Do you have a record collection? If so, I'd love to know what your favorites are and where you like finding them best. Looking forward to reading your comments!


  1. Yes, ma'am, I absolutely, positively love vinyl!!! I grew up listening to my parents large record collection and was able to start my own in 2012, mostly comprised so far of yard sale finds, when my darling husband gave me a vintage reproduction style record player as a "moving in" gift to celebrate our new home here in British Columbia. I adore searching through stacks of dusty records for one (or ten!) that speak to me and that must come home, fittingly, for a song and join my little collection.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you for sharing Jessica! It sounds like you love it as much as I do! I just got a couple of new ones at an estate sale last week. So much fun!!

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